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About Jennifer Rose

Step into my world, a journey where the mystical intertwines with the practical and the celestial merges with the tangible. I’m Jennifer Rose, and I’m thrilled to share my unique path with you — a saga of awakening, surrender, and unwavering dedication to the spiritual journey through healing arts. My life’s tapestry is woven not by chance but by the guiding hands of the universe. 

With an essence that organically draws you closer, I’m here to share my spiritual voyage, from the soft whispers of the unseen to a powerful calling in service to the highest good of all. 

I warmly encourage you to explore the narrative of my journey further by continuing below;

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"Healing happens when you let go of all those aspects holding you back. Commit to letting it all go."

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How It All Began ...

My Awakening

My story begins with a childhood filled with mysterious experiences that others could not perceive or understand. These early experiences, while complex to describe, frightened me at a young age causing me to suppress them as I felt I was not yet ready for what was attempting to draw me in closer. 

Throughout the years, I found that I had an interest in the paranormal and metaphysical, so I learned just enough, gliding around the edges of these realms while I consciously shielded specific gifts, opting for the comfort of denial of what gifts were requesting to activate.

As adulthood unfurled, so too did the spiritual experiences and messages, growing louder and impossible to ignore. Upon the gates of me questioning my own sanity, I serendipitously discovered a mediumship class by Cindy Kaza. By consciously connecting with spirit for the first time, I rekindled my dormant gifts and realized my role as a bridge between worlds. With guidance from mentors like Cindy, my blossoming abilities flourished into a powerful force for the highest good of all.

My Surrender

Embracing my mediumistic gifts meant more than just recognizing my abilities; it represented a profound letting go, a surrender to the stream of destiny that flowed with unexpected ease and grace. This act of faith steered me towards the transformative path of Usui Reiki, where I discovered my unique ability to channel healing energies. 

With each touch, I could reach the physical, emotional, and spiritual essences of those seeking solace, sparking deep-seated change within them—and within myself. This experience laid the groundwork for a broader mission. 

By blending my psychic insights with actionable coaching strategies, I found myself in a position to inspire others. This guidance enabled them to unlock their inner strength, weather life’s challenges, and align with their true purpose. Thus, I embraced my calling as an Intuitive Coach, equipped with a diverse range of spiritual tools, ready to serve those on their personal paths to enlightenment.

My Commitment To Your Healing

Now, I stand as a luminary in the quest of healing for the highest good of all. Each interaction isn’t merely an exchange but a sacred trust, an oath I take to guide you towards wholeness. My direct approach is tailored to the individual, ensuring that whether it’s a physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental hurdle, my healing wisdom and/or touch brings balance and rejuvenates your essence. 

I envision a life for you filled with love, peace, and boundless joy. My commitment to you is profound, seeking not only to heal the body but to nourish the heart, uplift the mind, cleanse the spirit, and liberate the soul.

Two Popular Services For New Clients

Spiritual Guidance Consultation

1-Hour & 30 Min Session

Looking to expand the depths of your enlightenment and dive deeper into the gateway of self-discovery? This Spiritual Guidance Consultation is a unique experience where you can rediscover your soul-driven purpose and explore your inner world. Each session is a sacred passage designed to connect with your divine wisdom, unlock the clarity you desire, and walk the path of your life’s journey with grace and confidence.

Reiki Healing

1-Hour Session

If you find yourself navigating the rough seas of physical pain, emotional upheaval, or simply feeling out of sync, let me offer you a space where healing, love, and grace intertwine. With this Reiki Healing session, you’ll find a heartfelt invitation to be at peace while the nurturing currents of life force energy flow where it’s needed. This session will embrace your spirit, body, and mind with peace, allowing a realignment with your truest essence of well-being.

Connection. Unity. Divine Love.

Online & In-Person Events

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