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Readings I Offer

Intuitive & Spiritual Medium

Choose to walk this path and discover the possibilities of what might be and the beauty of what is — a life embraced with clarity, nurtured by wisdom, and elevated by a profound connection to the universal web of existence. The experiences below are not just about seeking answers; it’s about enriching your existence with a deepened sense of purpose and the unwavering support of a guide who believes in the extraordinary capabilities of your spirit.

Intuitive Mediumship Reading

45 Min Session

Finding your inner voice can be challenging in today’s fast-paced world. This offering provides a sanctuary for introspection, enabling you to explore the spiritual dimensions of your existence in a supportive and confidential setting. Expect to leave our consultation with a lucid sense of purpose and actionable strategies for integrating your insights into everyday life.

Mediumship Reading

30 Min Session

This offering is a powerful reminder that our journey through life is shared, with guidance and support always within reach from those who have passed on. Each session is filled with clarity and gentle assurance as we welcome messages brimming with hope, profound connections, and immeasurable love from beyond.

Through these intimate exchanges, we understand that we are perpetually connected no matter the physical distance, navigating our lives with the wisdom and love they impart from the other side.

Oracle Card Reading

30 Min Session

Step into the symbolic and mystical world of Oracle Card Reading, where each card reflects your soul’s deepest yearnings and ambitions.

Whether you’re navigating love, career, spiritual awakening, or self-improvement, Oracle Card Readings illuminate the path through life’s complexities. They are more than a reading; they are a spiritual compass of universal archetypes and imagery guiding you toward your fullest potential.

Spiritual Tuneup

1-Hour Session

Dive into a profound Spiritual Tuneup, a full-service session designed to foster a deep connection with your inner wisdom and the Spirit realm. This immersive experience begins with an Intuitive Impression, where we tap into your personal energy field to uncover the subtle messages your higher self is eager to reveal. Following this, a Mediumship Reading connects you with spirit offering comforting wisdom and messages from beyond. The session culminates with an Oracle Card Reading, a mystical exploration that sheds light on your life’s past, present, and future possibilities. This comprehensive approach provides insights into your personal and spiritual path and delivers guidance to navigate life’s intricacies.

Ideal for those seeking an all-encompassing spiritual consultation, this Spiritual Tuneup session invites you on a transformational journey toward clarity, connection, and enlightenment.

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"Healing happens when you let go of all those aspects holding you back. Commit to letting it all go."

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Intuitive, Spiritual Medium & Certified Usui Reiki Master

What to Expect in Readings

In your intuitive and mediumship readings, you can expect a compassionate and supportive environment aimed at providing insight, clarity, and guidance. During the session, I will tune into your energy and connect with the spiritual realm to receive messages, impressions, and symbols relevant to your life journey.

Intuitive readings will focus on tapping into your subconscious and higher self, offering intuitive insights into your current situation, challenges, and potential paths forward. Through the use of various intuitive tools such as oracle cards, pendulums, or simply intuitive impressions, I will help illuminate areas of your life that may benefit from deeper exploration or understanding.

Mediumship readings involve connecting with loved ones who have passed away. During this process, I act as a conduit between you and the spirit world, relaying messages, memories, and validations from your departed loved ones. These messages often provide comfort, healing, and reassurance, affirming that your loved ones are still present and watching over you from the spiritual realm.

Throughout the reading, I encourage open communication and feedback to ensure that the session resonates with you and addresses your questions or concerns. Please come with an open heart and mind, as the messages received may not always align with your expectations but are intended for your highest good and spiritual growth. Remember, you are in a safe and sacred space where confidentiality and respect are paramount.

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